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> I've noticed that the documentation of split dwarf and the various CU
> header
> unit codes has a possible deficiency.
> For example, in sections F.2 and F.3 (examples, not the standard, but
> easier to
> understand my remark in this context),  It has various mentions of
> signatures and has short compilation unit examples.
> No  examples in F.2 F.3  show the corresponding compllation-unit header
> unit_type.   Which leaves open the question of what the compilation-unit
> header unit_type is in the examples.

Are you uncertain as to which unit_type would be used in which unit in the
examples (after having read Section 7)? Or is it that you know the answer
now, and it would've been easier/faster to find if the examples had been
more explicit?

(it seems there's limited ambiguity from section 7 - such that the examples
don't need to clarify much in this regard, but yeah - seems OK to me that
they could describe the header now that the header's a bit more complicated)

> There are relevant explanations where in Section 7 (search for unit_type)
> but I do wish the examples showed unit_type.
> I'm trying to determine the extent to which libdwarf is correct, and where
> wrong or incomplete I intend to fix it.
> Comments?
> David Anderson
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