[Dwarf-Discuss] Subscriptions to DWARF-Discuss mailing list

Michael Eager eager@eagercon.com
Sun Aug 23 20:54:25 GMT 2020

I've noticed a number of what appear to be invalid subscriptions to the 
DWARF-Discuss mailing list, for example, stop-spoofing at amazon.com or 
spamreddit at gmail.com.   Invalid email addresses like this increase the 
number of notifications I see for bounced messages and may annoy the 
recipients, if delivered.  I do not wish the DWARF-Discuss mailing list 
to be used to deliver spam.

Most DWARF-Discuss mailing list subscribers provided their name when 
they subscribed.  On September 1, I will go through the DWARF-Discuss 
subscriber list and if the member name is blank or does not appear to be 
a name, or if the email address appears to be invalid, the member will 
be unsubscribed.

You can update your subscription by following the link at the bottom of 
this message.  Thanks for your understanding.

Michael Eager

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