[Dwarf-Discuss] Confusion about .debug_str_offsets[.dwo]

David Anderson davea42@linuxmail.org
Sun Aug 30 23:59:14 GMT 2020

If a DW_UT_split_compile in 'test.dwp'
 ? has a compilation unit? DW_TAG_compile unit
 ? with strings and referencing via DW_FORM_strx1
 ? And there is a test.dwp with a .debug_str_offsets.dwo
 ? the compile unit will not have a
 ? DW_AT_str_offsets_base (by sec 3.1.3)
 ? but the DW_AT_str_offsets_base from the 'test' skeleton
 ? will have the DW_AT_str_offsets_base for
 ? .debug_str_offsets.dwo.

If skeleton in executable 'test' has a .debug_str_offsets
 ? and a DW_TAG_skeleton_unit
 ? it may have strings referenced with DW_FORM_strx1 and
 ? DW_AT_str_offsets_base then..? How is one to refer
 ? to the strings given the content of .debug_str_offsets
 ? will surely not match .debug_str_offsets.dwo

Section 3.1.2 , on skeleton units:
 ?A skeleton compilation unit may have additional attributes,
 ?which are the same as for conventional compilation unit
 ?entries except as noted, from among the following:

Does that mean ONLY the following units?
DW_AT_dwo_name is specifically allowed in the skeleton.
It might be DW_FORM_strx1? Right?

Two .debug_str_offsets? (one .dwo)
tables, one base.? How could that work?

I'll think about this further, but if anyone
would care to clarify this it would be great.

David Anderson

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