[Dwarf-Discuss] Use of Location Description operations in DWARF Expressions?

Robinson, Paul paul.robinson@sony.com
Mon Mar 23 13:28:31 GMT 2020

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> > My reading of sections 2.5 & 2.6 is that you cannot have a DW_OP_piece
> in an DWARF expression.
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> I wonder if this is an intentional part of the design because of
> ambiguity/correctness issues or is this just something that happens to
> fall out of the way the text is worded? I can see how such a restriction
> might simplify DWARF consumers, but it also seems like an arbitrary
> restriction for which there may not be a technical reason.

My intuition (clearly I wasn't there at the time) is that this is like
a C expression being an rvalue (DWARF expression) or lvalue (location
description).  Values and locations aren't the same thing.

> That distinction is important, because if there is a *technical* reason
> for not supporting them we should refrain from implementing this in LLVM.
> But if there isn't, there is no harm done in implementing it as an
> extension, and DWARF consumers that don't support it can just ignore these
> expressions and return N/A.
> -- adrian
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