[Dwarf-Discuss] A question about .debug_rnglists

David Anderson davea42@linuxmail.org
Mon May 4 17:43:36 GMT 2020

I am puzzled.

DWARF5,? Sec 3.9, Declarations with Reduced Scope.
Page 94.
========= quote from the document:
b) If the address range of the containing scope is
non-contiguous (see 2.17.3 on page 52) the value of this
attribute is the offset in bytes of the beginning of the
address range for the scope of the entity from the beginning
of the first range list entry for the containing scope that
is not a base address entry, a default location entry or an
end-of-list entry.
========= The issue:
Address ranges are described starting on page 52
and refer? to the .debug_rnglists section? when
the scope is non-contiguous.

The terms
'first range list entry'
'base address entry'
are defined on pages 52,53 but, AFAICT:

 ???? 'default location entry' is not defined
for address ranges. Not at all.

There is such a type for the .debug_loclists section,
but I don't understand how that could apply here,
to .debug_rnglists.

Is the mention of 'default location entry' on page 94 just an accident,
something to be ignored? Or?

Thanks for any comments.
David Anderson

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and everywhere the language went, it was a total loss...
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