[Dwarf-Discuss] DWARF5 line table file numbering inconsistent

Eric Christopher echristo@gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 15:46:55 GMT 2020

"This margin is too narrow to contain..." ;)

I'd like to see the doc - it's easy to believe we've gotten something wrong
here.. Might be good to fix this as textual edits rather than waiting on a
full dwarf standard release because we're going to run into this a lot if
we can't get it sorted quickly as multiple producers all produce something
slightly different and incompatible.



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> I think the following (while not news) needs to be said
> simply and directly.
> It is impossible to obey all the DWARF5 rules
> on file numbering in the line table
> at the same time. They contradict each other,
> taking the standard as a whole.
> [this consistency issue is solely DWARF5].
> A simple solution  is to say that
> the file number value 0 meaning of 'no file'
> is eliminated so that part
> of Section 2.14 page 50 is invalidated.
> So then we have a zero-based file array
> along with all references to it.
> And declare that the 'file' line table
> register defaults to zero (DWARF5 Table 6.4 Page
> 153).  Then the standard is self-consistent.
> (Clang has been using this approach for some time now).
> I created a document documenting all the places
> in the standard involving line table file numbering
> but this emaill is already long enough.
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