[Dwarf-discuss] ISSUE: tensor types. V3

Metzger, Markus T markus.t.metzger@intel.com
Mon Apr 24 05:32:25 GMT 2023

Hello Ben,

    An array type that refers to a vector or matrix type, shall be
    denoted with DW_AT_tensor whose integer constant, will specify the
    kind of tensor it is. The default type of tensor shall be the kind
    used by the vector registers in the target architecture.

        Table 5.4: Tensor attribute values
    Name              | Meaning
    DW_TENSOR_default | Default encoding and semantics used by target
              | architecture's vector registers
    DW_TENSOR_boolean | Boolean vectors map to vector mask registers.
    DW_TENSOR_opencl  | OpenCL vector encoding and semantics
    DW_TENSOR_neon    | NEON vector encoding and semantics
    DW_TENSOR_sve     | SVE vector encoding and semantics

    The width and when applicable the number of rows of the type
    shall be specified as array dimensions. The type contained
    within the tensor array type must be a DW_TAG_base_type entry.

I don’t think this should refer to h/w registers, at all.  It describes a source language type.
Looking at the CLANG table, they may allow different notation, e.g. OpenCL, and they seem
to allow different operations.

I’m also not clear what the default encoding and semantics of e.g. YMM registers are.


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