[Dwarf-discuss] ISSUE: tensor types. V3

Robinson, Paul paul.robinson@sony.com
Wed Apr 26 13:23:55 GMT 2023

> > If it ever became necessary, you can always add a 2nd attribute for it.
> > As an example, in our Ada compiler decades ago, we did this for
> > DW_AT_artificial.  It's just a flag, so either present or not-present.
> > We added a 2nd DW_AT_artificial_kind with a whole bunch of different
> > enums for the various kinds our compiler generated.  The point is you
> > still can get there even if DW_AT_tensor is just a flag.
> Totally, not opposed to that if that is the way that people want to
> handle it. My only (admittedly weak) argument against doing it that way
> is that there there will now be two attributes rather than one and the
> space that it takes up.

With DW_FORM_flag_present, there's no extra space taken up in the DIE.

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