[Dwarf-discuss] Do Dwarf symbols only use ascii?

Florian Weimer fw@deneb.enyo.de
Fri Nov 3 06:04:28 GMT 2023

* Roger Phillips via Dwarf-discuss:

> And this macro would also work for Utf8?

Isn't this really a question for the Itanium C++ ABI?  It currently

| This ABI does not yet specify a mangling for identifiers containing
| characters outside of _A-Za-z0-9.


But also:

| It is used in <source-name> to provide the byte length of the
| following identifier.


So I think the ABI treats source names as opaque byte sequences, not
sequences of Unicode code points.

Demangling looks at digits only outside source identifiers, and those
are specified to be ASCII.

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