[Dwarf-discuss] Do Dwarf symbols only use ascii?

Roger Phillips heidegg@hotmail.com
Thu Nov 2 23:24:11 GMT 2023

And this macro would also work for Utf8?
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* Roger Phillips via Dwarf-discuss:

> My question is whether these symbols really need the locale
> functionality of libc's isdigit function or if the symbols in Dwarf
> are just standard ascii and could be parsed in a portable way with
> the simple method mentioned there.

I think the current understanding on the glibc side is that isdigit
could be implement as

  #define isdigit(b) ((b) >= '0' && (b) <= '9')

because isdigit recognizing alternate digits would not be compliant
with the C standard.  We just haven't got around to making the change
in the headers.
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