[Dwarf-discuss] dwarf ver3.0: prologue_end and epilogue_begin bits

Ramanaiah Nalamothu ramana.venkat83@gmail.com
Mon May 21 07:14:03 GMT 2007


 I am working at assembler context to emit the ELF-DWARF(dwarf ver3.0). I
need to set the bits prologue_end and epilogue_begin. My compiler emits
debug directive with specific -ve line numbers to indicate prologue_end and
epilogue_begin. But they are not acceptable line numbers in source file.
My doubt is, do I need to associate the their occurance with the source line
numbers or is it sufficient just to tell at what 'address' the prologue_end
or epilogue_begin occur? If debugger needs line number, what line numbers
should be emitted in my case?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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