[Dwarf-Discuss] Help on _start and start function

Arnab Ganguly aganguly01@gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 07:35:39 GMT 2009

Hi All,
One small help is requested. How do I get the _start and start function
information from the DWARF file in Mac OSX.

I developed a address to symbol tool . On basis of the program counters it
gives the file name, line number and the function name, It works perfectly
but  when the addresses are for _start or start functions I am not able to
get the function name, which I get it in the Apple crash report when I
compare.How can this be achieved by parsing the DWARF file ?

12  com.Test.Termite                     0x00001f96 main + 24 (main.m:14)
13  com.Test.Termite                     0x00001f62 _start + 216
14  com.Test.Termite                     0x00001e89 start + 41

And the tool output is
 0x00001f62   Test.Termite + 216
0x00001e89  Test.Termite + 41

Thanks in advance.
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